A Pull Towards Dealth Entanglement

I’ve used Family Entanglement Work and Child Re-Imprinting to heal most of my strange and unusual health symptoms.

For nearly 8 years I lived with something similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Migraines, and some wondered if I had Multiple Sclerosis, or Fibromyalgia.

When it first hit, I was exhausted all the time. I lost my short term memory pretty severely. I had constant Brain Fog. I had trouble speaking, reading, writing, and hanging out with people because my brain would get tired of processing sounds, speech, lights and movement. Chemical smells and fumes from cigarettes or cars became almost intolerable. I developed Chemical Sensitivity. I felt some depression and lots of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm, all the time. Sleep was refreshing. And for a year, I had nightmares every night, which made sleep even less restful. My reaction time slowed and I couldn’t catch things well anymore.  I had trouble doing math suddenly. And I would not only forget conversations, but faces! I also lost 1/3 of my hair when this strange “disease” first hit.

Western doctors tried but couldn’t find anything. I saw in internal medicine specialist, a tropical disease specialist, got MRI’s and a Spinal Tap. Even psychological testing! I came back with a perfectly clean bill of health. But then what was causing all these dis-ease symptoms?

I went to Eastern and Alternative Medicine next. Acupuncture helped a little. Tried Chinese herbs a bit. And all kinda of other stuff. Nothing really fixed the problems.

It wasnt until I found Family Entanglement Work and Childhood Re-Imprinting, that I finally was seeing results. That work is so powerful, that is why I learned the foundations of the work, and then developed my own special method — which seems to get accelerated results. I committed and took the time to do my own work. I focused on healing whatever was causing these weird health problems. Through the work, I healed the anxiety. And I got rid of being bedridden for 3 days at a time, which used to happen almost once a week.

Because of  the work – I have finally gotten myself to the place where I have subconscious permission to heal.  Because I took the time to clear out the Pull Towards Death in my family system, and thus in my own subconscious inheritance from my family system – I have now finally been lead to what I believe is the last chapter of healing this for good.

I got a blood test and saw that I have Candida in my blood. It’s an overgrowth of fungus, which is the kind of fungus that helps decompose our bodies when we die. Except I was having it take over while I was alive. Hence the Pull Towards Death I mentioned – this was the manifestation of the Pull Towards Death in my family system. I had a fungus that was slowly decomposing my body while I was still alive. They day about 89% of people have Candida to some degree and dont even realize they have it. Because so many people have a Pull Towards Death in the system, due to the numerous wars we have had all over the world, and deaths and murders, this statistic doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve never been addicted to anything before. But the Candida makes you addicted to sugar since this is what it lives off of. It makes you want to eat anything sugary, and also any simple carbs, since they turn into sugar. Fruits and Dairy products too. Those have their own sugars!

As I ate meat and veggies yesterday, I could feel my craving for sugar and I actually had withdrawals! I was sitting at my desk, quickly tapping my fingers on the table, and couldnt really stop. Strangest feeling to feel compelled to do something. It was what I imagine as a low level “jonesing,” the way someone might get when they jones for a drug they are addicted to. But this drug is not seen as a drug in our society sugar!

Day two: today. I already have more energy than I normally have. I’m more alert and awake and can think more clearly. This is definitely rockin’. And Im not craving sugar too badly today. Thats pretty quick results so far.

As I have continued to do Family Entanglement Work, I was lead to ever more open doors towards health and then found out I have Lyme Disease, which explains my symptoms!

Im on the healing path for that now and it feels sooo good to have attained subconscious permission to be healthy, and to heal.

If you want to learn more about Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints, you can read about it at: www.danagarrison.com


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